Automated IVR & Text Messaging

Call centers that are looking to overhaul their operations with a focus on improving customer service, exploring IVR and Text Messaging is a worthwhile option. And, it’s definitely not the antiquated IVR phone system that we are talking about, but if they can embrace the advanced and sophisticated automated version – then it would be significant cost savings and boost for customer service. This provides a personalized and easy way for customers to reach out to businesses, rather than the touchtone way. In fact, an advanced speech enabled IVR backed by a robust knowledge hub will reduce the time required for callers to get what they want, and in many instances gives them the flexibility to interrupt the automated voice over to seek and receive what they want.

And on the same note with the proliferation of mobile and smartphones it becomes easy to relay mass messages through text messaging. It’s simple, quick, and reliable and hundreds of customers can be reached instantaneously, and it can be used 24x7. Large number of calls can be avoided by triggering a text messages with instruction to follow and links to click. And texting has evolved to include self-service options thus reducing the dependency on agents. It’s no longer just a one-way push information but can act as a reminder and provide proactive information, start of a conversation with a toll-free dial in number to name a few. So, leveraging the humble text messaging can save much money for organizations and can be an unobtrusive and dependable customer experience channel

Our Automated IVR and Text Messaging have helped organizations revamp their IVR with comprehensive menu options with features to trigger text messages including links and text information. And this has helped in improving customer experience because 24/7 automated IVR and Text message system avoids wait time and text messaging is more cost effective than a call to the contact center.

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