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Keep pace with your digitally empowered customers by providing a unified experience in their service journey and offer an integrated, intuitive, and automated cross channel service model

Customer Support Services
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Reimagining your service operations through digital technology enablement and complimenting with care driven human touch is a game changer in today’s digitally driven market

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Operational Outcomes

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Omni Channel Experience

Provide a seamless, modern, and interactive multichannel support experience powered by conversational AI, data intelligence and real-time analytics for maximum lifetime value
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Increased Accessibility

Offer customers the comfort of uninterrupted service by creating always-on conversational interfaces via AI, automation with ability to turn on the real human experience real time
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Personalized Assistants

Integrate self-service, personalized chatbots and IVR powered by ML/AI for an improved automated response & call back features to enhance customer support and resolution
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Assisted Automation & Upskilling

Use Natural Language Processing enabled bots to handle routine customer interactions and assist live agents in helping customers with more complex issues
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Real Time Operation Analytics

Turn on the analytics to measure your transaction’s digital adoption and weigh it against your service and customer experience real time
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Redefined Customer Support

Enable digital operations for a unified and elite membership experience using integrated platforms that provide real-time communication ability, social insights and multilevel experiences


Our Approach

Customer Support Engaging User Experience Icon

Engaging User Experience

We create high quality user and consistent interactions that are credible, aimed toward reducing customer effort to success and ensure consistent experience across all touchpoints
Customer Support Engaging Multi Channel Customer Interactions Icon

Multi-Channel Customer Interactions

We provide convenience and accessibility to customers through omni-channel and self-service communication choices that also differentiates and gives you an edge over your competition
Customer Support Engaging Remote Monitoring Servicing Icon

Remote Monitoring & Servicing

We facilitate remote monitoring and maintenance of connected devices and apply a predictive maintenance approach with the right solutions to save operational cost and improve customer satisfaction
Customer Support Engaging Nurture Customer Communities Icon

Nurture Customer Communities

We help in reducing call volumes, developing improvement ideas and creating compelling resolution medium by building a strong, consistent, brand focused customer community
Customer Support Engaging Loyalty Creation Icon

Loyalty Creation

We drive customer engagement and loyalty using digital support and self-service channels that offer customers convenience, unified experience, and efficiency, and also ushers them along the improved NPS path
Customer Services

Our Expertise


At iOPEX technologies, our digital worker along with human experts will create a customized customer service approach to improve CSAT and NPS scores and deliver superior customer support services through varied communication channels to generate higher brand value through

  • Customer Inquiry
  • Order booking
  • RMA
  • Customer retentions
  • Technical support


Key Metrics

Customer Support Support Transactions Calls Chats Email Key Metrics Icon

500K +/Month

Support Transactions (Calls | Chats | Email)
Customer Support Vip Transactions Or Corporate Escalations Handled Key Metrics Icon

60K+ / Month

VIP Transactions Or Corporate Escalations Handled

Customer Support Average Quality Scores On Both Internal And External Audit Key Metrics Icon


Average Quality Scores On Both Internal And External Audit

Customer Support Service Level Management Key Metrics Icon


Service Level Management With Abandon Rate Of < 5%

Customer Support Nps Score Across All Service Engagements Key Metrics Icon


NPS Score Across All Service Engagements

Modernise your customer support experience and operations with us
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