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FinOps Integrated Workflow Assistant

Independent studies show a trend that Finance and Accounting workforce spends approximately 75% of their time on ingesting ,reconciling and verifying data ( low value activities) instead of spending adequate time on planning and analysis.

Considering the nature of the work which involves manual work on spreadsheets and various enterprise and financial applications. IOPEX introduces an Automation driven integrated workflow framework to mimic human actions to provide more bandwidth. FIWA drives touchless transactions across multiple enterprise systems and free up finance and accounting teams to focus on advance forecasting and financial planning activities.

Embrace FIWA to transform your F&A Function

Create a digital Finance & Accounting assistant and outsource your repeat tasks

Unlock business benefits with FIWA

FIWA enables integrated automation across various Finance and Accounting systems without any disruptions. You can build ,train and deploy bots to interact with different business application interfaces to execute range of business critical tasks.


Build a smart and efficient way for managing your monthly and quarterly activities

What can FIWA do for you

FIWA can enable seamless transactions to dramatically increase speed, accuracy and consistency of repetitive tasks performed.



Manual collection, organizing and searching for relevant information from vast array of documents is one of the most time consuming task in a typical organization.

Textract helps transform the document handling and processing activity across functions and accelerate the data extraction, transformation and assimilation process by leveraging the power of AI & ML infused BOT’s and OCR capabilities. Textract can be scaled on demand to support both high volume and fast document processing scenarios to ensure business continuity.

Key Features

Document Type and Format Agnostic

Sophisticated document recognition Analytics enabled BOT’s to recognize and process documents in different formats and sources (WORD and PDF)

Simple Integration and deployment

Designed to interact with different systems and applications to access documents. Pre built algorithms and connectors ensures quick deployment and rollout to create immediate business impact.

AI focused DNA

Algorithms powered by the combination of supervised and unsupervised machine learning used to train the BOT’s to look for meaningful information in the documents.

Tech Stack independent

Can be configured and deployed across diverse systems and environments to suit business requirements.

How Textract works



Our obsession to data-driven decision making, triggered us to build our own Data Analytics Platform – OpEx Wise

OpEx Wise unleashes the true power of artificial intelligence by analyzing large data and helps detect patterns, reconcile network elements, identify root causes, resolve incidents, and minimize revenue leakages in third party contracts.

Intelligent Analytics Platform


  • Functions as a framework/prototype with data mining capabilities rather than Hadoop setup.
  • Uses artificial intelligence to maintain a knowledge base derived from the skills and experience of SMEs.
  • Enables resolution of complex issues by providing a technical analysis of incident occurrences, their causes, and suggestions for incident avoidance in the future.
  • Presents the on-the-floor scenario to managers with customizable dashboards which highlight favorable & undesirable events by continuously updating business critical metrics.
  • Helps you sift through voluminous incident logs & unearth areas of improvement by allowing you to add / remove dimensions for comparing various factors in real-time
  • Being agile, the tool facilitates SQL-like selection for choosing or eliminating multiple criteria and generates graphical reports on the fly in desired format
  • Correlation Engine and auto tagger functionality to segregate and optimize data at various levels
  • leverages on its Distance Vector Correlation engine to rationalize spend and resources.
  • Eliminates the challenge of “focus on process and operations only, without considering people efficiency”, by giving an integrated view of people productivity as a live dashboard

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