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HR Ops Integrated Workflow Assistant: Enable your modern workforce with an integrated HR service platform to build and manage a pool of talent-driven employees aligned and motivated to achieve your business goals

Hiwa - HR Ops Integrated Workflow Assistant
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Building futuristic organizations involve transforming human capital management from a passive support function to business performance drivers through intuitive and innovative automation 


Highly-efficient infrastructure operations support to improve engineering productivity and reduce ef

Case Study
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The Network Operations Center team helped the client to improve productivity by 93%

Case Study

Operational Outcomes

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Increased Operational Flexibility

Increase operational flexibility using intuitive user interface and optimized automation equipped with location independent processing
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Consistent Services

Increase service consistency by enforcing standards through an orchestration platform allowing standardization of services while also tailoring them for individual employee needs

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Transformed Workforce Interactions

Integrating front end employee helpdesk with transactional service delivery through an orchestration of people and AI to drive change in end user behavior while maintaining control in HR operations

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Enhanced Response Time

Deliver instant responses to employees by enabling human resources with control of inbound and outbound communications through a consolidated view of interactions
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Increased Visibility

Track and manage your HR operational activities by securing complete visibility of real-time issues and past performances
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Automation Enabled

Automate to reduce HR function workload and perform repetitive transactional activities by building, training, and deploying bots to interact across interfaces and channels


Our Approach

Fiwa Assess Pick The Right Processes For Automation Icon

Assess & Pick the Right Processes for automation

Simple rule of thumb is to apply the rule of 5 on the process which is - no more than five decisions made, no more than 5 applications used & no more than 500 clicks performed to complete the process

Fiwa Pick The Right Technology Framework Icon

Pick the right technology framework

Since the automation will be business driven, a friendly and easy to use UI like Visio + Excel Macro simple programming can be used to drive easy adoption (E.g Uipath, BluePrism etc.)

Fiwa Prepare To Manage Exceptions Icon

Prepare to Manage exceptions

Human cognition takes time to be replaced. We provide human-in-the-loop to handle all business exception and reinforce learning into automation by setting key metrics to measure workforce productivity, exception and error rate and digital workers performance & analytics

Fiwa Upskill Resources Icon

Upskill resources

Off-load your busy, repetitive & voluminous onshore/offshore work to automation. Train and use knowledge workers to spend more time on customer success related activities to improve business outcomes

Fiwa Enable True Digital Operations Icon

Enable True Digital operations

  • Speed up the decision making by feeding actionable insights to automation across varied channels
  • Ensure establishment of tamper-proof audit trails and 360-degree visibility of the automation in action by enabling all digital records
  • Design automated workflows to indicate failure using Automated Alerts for humans to fix and feed automation

HR Process Automation

Our Expertise


HIWA automates the workload thus enabling the HR function to focus on critical business issues and human touch-points. We at iOPEX, build,train and deploy bots to interact with different interfaces and channels to perform transactional activities across the HR functions

  • Recruitment
  • Admin Activities
  • Employee Services
  • Performance Management
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