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Unravel the source of truth from digital ad-spend metrics across all your channels and establish real-time business analytics to maximize you spend across right channels with consistent ROIs

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Unified Ad Metrics from All Channels

Step-by-step data integration strategy to bring in data from all the digital investment channels at the right frequencies. Identify ‘what to measure’ by defining the right measurement KPIs based on business priorities in each maturity stage

Compare with Competitor Performance

Gain insights into competitor ad strategies and performance across various digital investment channels. Compare competitor insights with the brands' own internal spend data from all channels to benchmark, evolve and reinforce spend strategy

Build Campaign Optimization Models

Measure contribution of media spend to the sales conversions or demand generation Build ROI attribution models that consider the spends from other internal and external business functions

Identify Right Awareness & Acquisition Channels

Identify the right investment channels for awareness and acquisition and then optimize yields across those channels

Right Mix of Technology and Processes

Establish the right media spend assurance practice structure that brings in operational process standardization and monitoring mechanisms to act upon real time decisions



  • Compare key digital metrics like impression, clicks & visits against true business metrics like calls, order and revenue to map media contribution to revenue.
  •  Maps different channels to identify the right ones to increase awareness and acquisition.
  •  Helps to build different models and hypothesis to constantly re-evaluate the optimal path for reach and acquisition.
  •  Segregate sites and networks to drive high view ability, clicks with optimal CPM.
  •  Derive different campaign optimization steps based on ROI across channel, region, DOW, ad-size, platform and stream of advertising.
  •  Setup business rules and alert to continuously measure peaks and valley on the ROI.
  •  Manage and automate campaign change via direct ad-server integration and reduce change management cycle time.