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Shielding from illicit, deceitful, and invalid content can be best achieved through incorporating a strong brand trust and safety ecosystem combined with scalable curation operating models

Trust and Safety
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Protecting your brand integrity Is the foundation which allows new users, who may be unfamiliar with a business, to experience consistency and begin to build trust

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Service Outcomes


Content Review

Act as a third-party to review and remove user-created content that violates company policies and other governing agency rules. We manually review user-generated content (UGC) to ensure compliance in combination with automated systems


Better Brand Protection

Enable peace of mind for the ad-tech and publisher via reviewing the advertising assets by combining human and automation for appearance, behaviour and content sensitivity will enable to drive consistent experience and brand safety


24/7 Support & Cultural Sensitivity

Evolve with dynamic digital adveriting ecosystems in user interests, behaviours, and new content deployment for higher inventories utilizations. Round the clock services across time zones and increased efficiencies, ensure uncompromised brand trust and safety at all times


Build Rich Taxonomy

Every brand is unique and their brand guidelines, sensitive taxonomy rules differ based on culture and demographics. Our brand trust and safety practices will help you build strong and better protocols for increased market reach and ease


Near Zero Errors

Our tool stack for brand safety built with 4-eye algorithms and ML drive higher efficiencies and accuracies for near zero errors and eliminate scope of costly mistakes due to human operations both the buyer and sell side


Customized Engagement Services

Achieve customized engagements as managed services for your business partners and aid value added services for higher brand uplift and to improve your business partners’ sentiments to make your brand the preferred always in this competitive marketplace


Our Approach

Trust Safety Building User Trust Icon

Building User Trust

We identify the differentiating factors of your business and use our strong technology partnerships to build and maintain the integrity of your brand using a tailored digital trust and safety playbook

Trust Safety Technology Integration Icon

Technology Integration

By mapping man and machine integration technologies like Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, we deliver customer satisfaction focused innovative solutions

Trust Safety Protecting Data Icon

Protecting Data

We protect user data and privacy in an increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape by inspecting the entire spectrum of digital contents and employing our trust and safety capabilities to moderate them

User Xp Analysis Icon

Quality Assurance

Custom made algorithms and cognitive content classifications help in quality accuracy check reviews that lead to reduced rejection rate and errors

Digital Trust

Our Expertise


We review content near real-time supplemented with best practices brand taxonomy protocols to produce round-the-clock, clean, and safe content and Ads serving landscapes catering to a multitude of sites, networks, channels, platforms, and editorial streams. iOPEX ensures smooth programmatic content and ad delivery with quality resonating with brand image via iCHECKADS. Logo and Link to iCheckAds


Key Metrics

Trust Safety Brand Safety Key Metrics Icon

100k+ / Month

Advertiser Reviewed For Brand Safety

Trust Safety Creative Assets Key Metrics Icon

200k+ / Month

Creative Assets Reviewed For Trust And Safety

Trust Safety Irrelevant Campaigns Key Metrics Icon

6K+ / Month

Suspicious Campaigns Detected And Course Corrected

Trust Safety Site Classification Key Metrics Icon

30k+ / Month

Publisher Site Classified For Safety And Relevance

Trust Safety Avg Brand Uplift Key Metrics Icon


Uplift In Brand Relevance Score Across Sites

Trust Safety Accuracy Key Metrics Icon


Review Accuracy

Ensure higher brand safety, integrity and trust with expert operations fuelled by technology accelerators. Find out how

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